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An interview with mum. 
Q: who do you think is the most significant figure in your lifetime?
A: John Lennon.
Q: what did they do?
A: John was first a very talented songwriter and singer. Second he sang songs about very important things like the song ‘Imagine’. He also married a Japanese woman in a time when people did not approve of marriage between different races. 
Q: why did they do it?
A: because he believed in peace and love over things like money or fame. I cried for two days when he died.
Incredible line up!
Got this from a friend’s friend’s Japanese FB page (see tag), so if it’s yours please let me know for reblog credit. Karuizawa, 1977?

looks at a plate of chocolate McVitie’s digestives in the office kitchen and thinks, ‘this is what broke up the Beatles.’