Guitars, Japan, Food aka Beatle Shaped Sushi....Things I think about in no particular order, and conflated whenever possible - Japanese food, great guitar moments at the Budokan, and so on. Find me Beatle shaped sushi and we can talk.
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John at Kumano Jinja, Karuizawa
Quick, look!  It’s John in Karuizawa again!
John in Karuizawa again, enjoying the local produce!
Another Japan-themed pic, apparently from a gallery in Karuizawa. John rides a bike in Karuizawa, 1979.  Apparently he loved to buy baguettes from this bakery while visiting this mountain resort where Yoko’s family had summered for many years.
Got this from a friend’s friend’s Japanese FB page (see tag), so if it’s yours please let me know for reblog credit. Karuizawa, 1977?