Guitars, Japan, Food aka Beatle Shaped Sushi....Things I think about in no particular order, and conflated whenever possible - Japanese food, great guitar moments at the Budokan, and so on. Find me Beatle shaped sushi and we can talk.
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An interview with mum. 
Q: who do you think is the most significant figure in your lifetime?
A: John Lennon.
Q: what did they do?
A: John was first a very talented songwriter and singer. Second he sang songs about very important things like the song ‘Imagine’. He also married a Japanese woman in a time when people did not approve of marriage between different races. 
Q: why did they do it?
A: because he believed in peace and love over things like money or fame. I cried for two days when he died.


What…? He hated jazz! Oh, those crazy journalists.
This needs a caption
Beautiful card made by a dear friend

The Beatles go Bonkers
Fab Magazine6th March 1965

We had a change of personnel (ahem) so the band needed a new name. The drummer came up with it and I love it: Turn Left At Greenland.


I’m in love.
An Epiphone at the Budokan
Hard Day’s Night jacket with jeans… and in colour.  Marvelous photo.

Not sure where or what this is from, but they look happy :) #JohnLennon #GeorgeHarrison
Look at that orange Gretsch, with double switches!

The Dirty Mac performing at the Rolling Stones’ Rock and Roll Circus, 11 December 1968. Pout harder John.