Guitars, Japan, Food aka Beatle Shaped Sushi....Things I think about in no particular order, and conflated whenever possible - Japanese food, great guitar moments at the Budokan, and so on. Find me Beatle shaped sushi and we can talk.
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Debbie Harry, 1978
I get these sometimes too


This whole work-thing gets in the way of my rock ‘n roll lifestyle .____.


Led Zeppelin are gearing up for a massive re-release campaign of their entire catalog, kicking off with their first three albums on June 3rd. Get an exclusive first listen to “Good Times Bad Times/Communication Breakdown” live in 1969.
Yay for the new place around the corner! #lebanese #kibbeh #hummus #labneh #tabbouleh
The week’s desires for me and Zen. I gave in, he held out. #beatles #goodolfreda #legomovie #dvd #nintendods

hoppy birdy omg hes so cute


George Harrison shirt

banana chia seed and pomegranate smoothie #breakfast #pomegranate #banana #smoothie

@CatoCraneAuctions: Unpublished vintage photographs of #Beatle George Harrison taken by a neighbour C1962. Sold by us for £760.00. 2013 [x]