Guitars, Japan, Food aka Beatle Shaped Sushi....Things I think about in no particular order, and conflated whenever possible - Japanese food, great guitar moments at the Budokan, and so on. Find me Beatle shaped sushi and we can talk.
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While dad is sick in bed, mum has to cook! #roastchicken #roastveggies #yum #winter
An interview with mum. 
Q: who do you think is the most significant figure in your lifetime?
A: John Lennon.
Q: what did they do?
A: John was first a very talented songwriter and singer. Second he sang songs about very important things like the song ‘Imagine’. He also married a Japanese woman in a time when people did not approve of marriage between different races. 
Q: why did they do it?
A: because he believed in peace and love over things like money or fame. I cried for two days when he died.


Can’t compete with Led Zep

Of course not, I mean look, that’s some rare ass shit, I’ve never seen that album sleeve!

The scene at the Abbey Road crossing at 11.35am today, 45 years to the minute since the Beatles had their photo taken.